Alg Melor: The Viral Video That Shook the Internet

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed algebra and humor? Well, wonder no more. A video titled “alg melor.mp4” has been circulating online and making millions of people laugh and cringe at the same time.

The video, which is only 15 seconds long, shows a young man wearing a hoodie and glasses, sitting in front of a whiteboard with some algebra equations. He looks at the camera and says in a deadpan voice: “Alg melor. More like alg bore. Am I right?” Then he smiles awkwardly and gives a thumbs up.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a user named “Alg Melor” on April 1st, 2023, as an apparent prank. However, the video quickly went viral and spawned countless memes, remixes, reactions, and parodies. Some people found the video hilarious and praised the creator for his comedic genius. Others found the video annoying and cringeworthy and criticized the creator for his lack of originality and humor.

Regardless of the opinions, the video has become one of the most popular and controversial videos of 2023. As of today, it has over 100 million views on YouTube, 50 million likes on TikTok, and 10 million retweets on Twitter. The creator of the video has not revealed his identity or his motives behind the video. He has only posted one comment on his YouTube channel, saying: “Thanks for watching alg melor.mp4. Please like and subscribe.”

Many celebrities and influencers have also joined the alg melor craze and shared their opinions and reactions to the video. Some of the notable ones include:

  • Ellen DeGeneres, who invited Alg Melor to her show and gave him a $10,000 scholarship for his education.
  • Jimmy Fallon, who made a parody of the video with his own algebra jokes and challenged Alg Melor to a rap battle.
  • Lady Gaga, who tweeted that she loved the video and wanted to collaborate with Alg Melor on a song.
  • Elon Musk, who tweeted that he hated the video and offered $1 million to anyone who could delete it from the internet.

However, not everyone is amused by the alg melor phenomenon. Some experts and educators have expressed their concerns about the negative impact of the video on the public perception and appreciation of mathematics. They argue that the video promotes a false and harmful stereotype of math as boring and irrelevant, and discourages young people from pursuing careers in STEM fields.

Dr. Maria Sanchez, a professor of mathematics at the University of Amsterdam, said: “I think this video is a disgrace to the beauty and elegance of algebra. Algebra is not boring. It is a powerful tool for solving problems and discovering patterns in nature. It is also a creative and artistic expression of human thought. This video does not represent algebra at all. It is just a cheap joke that insults the intelligence of the viewers.”

Despite the controversy, Alg Melor seems to be enjoying his fame and fortune. He has signed a deal with Netflix to produce a comedy series based on his video. He has also launched his own merchandise line, featuring hoodies, glasses, and whiteboards with his signature phrase. He has also announced that he will donate 10% of his earnings to charity.

However, some people are skeptical about his intentions and question his authenticity. They suspect that he is not the real creator of the video, but a hired actor who is part of a marketing scheme. They claim that the video was actually produced by a secret organization that wants to manipulate the masses and distract them from the real issues in the world.

Whether Alg Melor is a genius or a fraud, a hero or a villain, a comedian or a clown, one thing is certain: he has changed the internet forever. And as long as people keep watching, liking, and sharing his video, he will continue to be relevant and influential. Alg melor. More like alg star. Am I right?

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