Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon [DE]

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon [DE]

Bayonetta is one of the most iconic and stylish action games of all time, but do you know the origin story of its heroine, Cereza? In this article, we will explore the events that led to her becoming the Umbra Witch known as Bayonetta, and how she met her mysterious companion, the Lost Demon.

Cereza was born in Vigrid, a European city that was home to a clan of witches who practiced dark arts and had a pact with the infernal realm. She was the daughter of Rosa, a powerful Umbra Witch, and Balder, a Lumen Sage who belonged to a rival clan that worshipped the light and had a contract with the celestial plane. Their forbidden love was a violation of the ancient truce between the two clans, and they were hunted down by both sides.

When Cereza was five years old, she witnessed her mother being executed by the Lumen Sages, who accused her of being a traitor. Balder tried to save her, but he was too late. He managed to escape with Cereza and hid her in a remote location, where he gave her a red gemstone that contained part of his soul. He told her to never forget her name, and that he would always love her. He then left her alone, promising to return someday.

Cereza waited for years, but Balder never came back. She grew up in isolation, with only a stuffed toy as her friend. She named it Cheshire, after the cat from her favorite storybook. She also developed a fascination with guns, which she found in an abandoned military base nearby. She learned how to use them by practicing on targets and animals.

One day, when Cereza was 12 years old, she heard a voice calling her name. She followed it to a nearby forest, where she found a portal to another dimension. She entered it out of curiosity, and found herself in a strange world full of demons and angels. There, she met a mysterious creature that looked like a black panther with red eyes. It introduced itself as the Lost Demon, and said that it had been looking for her for a long time.

The Lost Demon explained that it was an ancient being that had once ruled over the infernal realm, but was betrayed and sealed away by its own kind. It said that it needed Cereza’s help to break free from its prison and reclaim its throne. It also revealed that it had a connection to Cereza’s father, Balder, who had been corrupted by an evil force and had become the leader of the Lumen Sages.

The Lost Demon offered Cereza a deal: if she agreed to become its partner and wield its power, it would help her find Balder and reunite with him. Cereza agreed, hoping to see her father again and learn the truth about her past. The Lost Demon gave her a contract that bound their souls together, and bestowed upon her a new name: Bayonetta.

Together, Bayonetta and the Lost Demon embarked on an epic adventure across time and space, fighting against angels and demons alike. Along the way, they encountered many allies and enemies, such as Jeanne, another Umbra Witch who claimed to be Bayonetta’s rival; Rodin, an infernal weaponsmith who supplied Bayonetta with various guns and accessories; Enzo, a human informant who provided Bayonetta with information and jobs; Luka, a journalist who pursued Bayonetta for his own reasons; and Cereza, a young girl who turned out to be Bayonetta’s younger self from an alternate timeline.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon [DE] is a thrilling prequel to the Bayonetta series that explores the origins of one of the most badass female protagonists in gaming history. It is a must-read for fans of action-packed stories with stunning visuals and witty dialogue. If you want to learn more about Bayonetta’s past and how she became the legendary Umbra Witch we know and love today, don’t miss this amazing article!

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