Bojo Mujo – Uzobuya nini: A South African House Hit

Bojo Mujo - Uzobuya nini: A South African House Hit

Bojo Mujo is a South African house music producer and singer who rose to fame with his debut album ‘Shiwelele’ in 2003. One of his popular songs is ‘Uzobuya nini’, which means ‘When are you coming back’ in Zulu. The song features other artists such as Tee Jay, ThackzinDj, Dlala Thukzin, Murumba Pitch, DJ Bongz, Gold Max, Nkosazana Daughter and Moscow On Keys.

The song is a catchy and upbeat tune that expresses the longing for a lover who has left. The lyrics are mostly in Zulu, with some English words mixed in. The song has a danceable rhythm and a catchy chorus that repeats the title phrase ‘Uzobuya nini’. The song was released in 2021 as part of the album ‘1 000 000 Amapiano Seconds’, which is a compilation of various amapiano artists. Amapiano is a subgenre of house music that originated in South Africa and is characterized by piano melodies, basslines and percussions.

‘Uzobuya nini’ is one of the many songs that showcase Bojo Mujo’s talent and versatility as a house music producer and singer. He has also remixed songs by international artists such as Craig David and Rihanna. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of the South African house scene and has influenced many other artists in the genre.

Bojo Mujo: A Self-Made Man

Bojo Mujo was born as Jacki Lehlake in Modimolle, Limpopo Province, on May 21 1978. He moved to Soshanguve, Pretoria, when he was 11 years old. He discovered his love for music and started singing in a church choir. He also adopted the stage name Bojo Mujo, which means ‘unpredictable’ in Sepedi.

Bojo Mujo was a self-made man who started his own recording studio called Bojolution. He worked with various talented artists such as Biblos, Moneymaker, Tea Kay and Maeli. He also collaborated with other house music giants such as DJ Fresh, Oskido, DJ S’bu and DJ Cleo.

Bojo Mujo released his first album, ‘Shiwelele’, in 2001, which featured the hit song ‘Summer Rain’ . He followed it up with ‘House Therapy Session 2’ in 2002, which had the gospel hit song ‘Hlonolofatsa’. He continued to release more albums such as ‘House Therapy Session 3’ (2004), ‘House Therapy Session 4’ (2005), ‘House Therapy Session 5’ (2008) and ‘The New Chapter’ (2010). His albums sold over hundreds of thousands of copies and made him one of the highest selling artists in South Africa.

Bojo Mujo died on February 1 2015 at the age of 36 due to heart failure. He left behind a legacy of music that inspired and entertained many people. He was a pioneer of the South African house scene and a master of creating new sounds. He will always be remembered as Bojo Mujo, the unpredictable man.

Bojo Mujo: A Versatile and Influential Artist

Bojo Mujo: A Self-Made Man

Bojo Mujo was not only a producer and singer, but also a DJ and a remixer. He had a knack for creating new sounds and blending different genres of music. He was also known for remixing songs by international artists such as Craig David and Rihanna. He gave them a South African house twist and made them popular in the local market.

Bojo Mujo had a diverse range of songs that catered to different tastes and moods. Some of his songs were upbeat and danceable, such as ‘Shiwelele’, ‘Summer Rain’, ‘Uzobuya nini’ and ‘Areyeng ka maoto’. Some of his songs were romantic and soulful, such as ‘Thando Iwam’, ‘Buya Kimi’, ‘Listen to Your Heart’ and ‘Bashimane’. Some of his songs were gospel-inspired and uplifting, such as ‘Hlonolofatsa’ and ‘Indab’ila’.

Bojo Mujo was an influential artist who inspired and mentored many other house music artists in South Africa. He was also respected and admired by his peers and fans. He received several awards and nominations for his music, such as the Metro FM Music Awards, the Channel O Music Video Awards and the South African Music Awards. He also performed at various events and festivals, such as the Big Brother Africa, the Macufe Festival and the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

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