How to Buy Art Postcards Online

Art postcards are a great way to enjoy and share your favorite artworks with friends and family. Whether you are looking for a greeting card, a souvenir, or a collection item, you can find a variety of art postcards online from different sources. Here are some tips on how to buy art postcards online.

Choose your style and theme

Art postcards come in many styles and themes, from classical paintings to modern illustrations, from landscapes to portraits, from abstract to realistic. You can choose the style and theme that suits your taste and interest, or that matches the occasion and the recipient. For example, you can buy Christmas cards with festive artworks, or postcards with famous artworks from Tate galleries.

Compare prices and quality

Art postcards vary in price and quality depending on the source, the size, the material, and the printing. You can compare prices and quality by browsing different online shops and reading customer reviews. Some online shops offer discounts or free shipping for bulk orders or subscriptions. For example, you can buy art postcards and prints from Art on a Postcard, which supports a charity for hepatitis C research. You can also buy postcards from Happy Postcards, which offers a wide assortment and top quality of viewcards and postcards from Germany and other countries.

Check delivery options and times

Compare prices and quality

Before you buy art postcards online, you should check the delivery options and times of the online shop. Some online shops may ship internationally, while others may only ship within certain regions. You should also check the estimated delivery time and the tracking information of your order. You may want to order your art postcards well in advance if you plan to send them for a specific date or event.

Enjoy and share your art postcards

Once you receive your art postcards, you can enjoy them yourself or share them with others. You can display your art postcards on your wall, fridge, desk, or bulletin board. You can also send them to your friends and family as a greeting, a thank you note, or a souvenir. You can also join Postcrossing, a project that allows you to exchange postcards with people from all over the world.

Art postcards are a fun and easy way to appreciate and spread art. By following these tips, you can buy art postcards online that suit your needs and preferences.


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How to use art postcards creatively

Art postcards are not only for sending and receiving, but also for using creatively in different ways. Here are some ideas on how to use art postcards creatively.

Make a collage

You can make a collage with your art postcards by cutting, tearing, or folding them and arranging them on a paper, canvas, or board. You can glue, tape, or staple them together and add other materials such as stickers, ribbons, or buttons. You can create a collage with a theme, such as a color, a season, or a mood. You can also make a collage with a message, such as a quote, a poem, or a wish.

Create a bookmark

You can create a bookmark with your art postcards by trimming them to fit your book size and laminating them or covering them with clear tape. You can punch a hole at the top and add a ribbon or a tassel. You can also decorate your bookmark with stickers, stamps, or doodles. You can create a bookmark with your favorite artwork or one that matches the book you are reading.

Make a gift tag

You can make a gift tag with your art postcards by cutting out a small piece and writing the name of the recipient and a message on the back. You can punch a hole at the top and attach it to your gift with a ribbon or a string. You can also embellish your gift tag with glitter, beads, or feathers. You can make a gift tag with an artwork that suits the occasion or the personality of the recipient.

Design a card

You can design a card with your art postcards by folding them in half and writing your message inside. You can also add other elements such as stickers, photos, or drawings. You can design a card for any occasion, such as a birthday, an anniversary, or a thank you. You can also design a card for no reason at all, just to say hello or to make someone smile.

Have fun with art postcards

Art postcards are versatile and creative items that you can use in many ways. By following these ideas, you can have fun with art postcards and express yourself artistically.

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