How to Fix Crash_aviator.exe Error on Windows

If you are using WhiteHat Aviator, a Chromium-based web browser that focuses on security, you might encounter an error message related to Crash_aviator.exe. This is a background process that runs to send crash reports and usage statistics to WhiteHat Security, the developer of Aviator. However, sometimes this process can cause problems and prevent you from browsing the web smoothly.

In this article, we will show you how to fix Crash_aviator.exe error on Windows 11/10 and what causes it.

What Causes Crash_aviator.exe Error?

There are several possible reasons why Crash_aviator.exe error might occur on your computer. Some of them are:

  • Corrupted or missing Crash_aviator.exe file
  • Malware infection or false positive detection by antivirus software
  • Conflicts with other programs or processes
  • Outdated or incompatible Aviator browser version
  • Incorrect or damaged registry entries

How to Fix Crash_aviator.exe Error?

To fix Crash_aviator.exe error, you can try the following methods:

  1. Update Aviator browser. Sometimes, the error might be caused by a bug or a compatibility issue that can be resolved by installing the latest version of Aviator. You can download it from here.
  2. Disable crash reporting and usage statistics. If you don’t want to send any information to WhiteHat Security, you can disable the crash reporting and usage statistics feature in Aviator settings. To do that, open Aviator browser, click on the menu icon and select Settings. Then, scroll down and uncheck the box that says “Help make Aviator better by automatically sending anonymous usage statistics and crash reports to WhiteHat Security”. Relaunch your browser and see if the error persists.
  3. Scan your computer for malware. It is possible that Crash_aviator.exe error is caused by a malware infection or a false positive detection by your antivirus software. To rule out this possibility, you should scan your computer with a reputable anti-malware tool and remove any threats found. You can also try adding Crash_aviator.exe to the exclusion list of your antivirus software.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall Aviator browser. If none of the above methods work, you might need to uninstall and reinstall Aviator browser completely. This will remove any corrupted or missing files and registry entries related to Crash_aviator.exe. To uninstall Aviator browser, go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program and select WhiteHat Aviator from the list. Follow the instructions to complete the uninstallation process. Then, download and install Aviator browser again from here.


Crash_aviator.exe error can be annoying and prevent you from using Aviator browser properly. However, you can fix it by following the methods we have provided in this article. We hope that this article has helped you solve your problem and enjoy browsing the web securely with Aviator.

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