Damso РIps̩it̩: The Album That Redefined French Rap in 2017

Damso - Ipséité: The Album That Redefined French Rap in 2017

In 2017, Belgian rapper Damso released his second studio album, Ipséité, which became a huge success both critically and commercially. The album sold over 400,000 copies in France and was certified diamond. It also received widespread acclaim from music critics, who praised Damso’s lyrical skills, dark humor, and versatility.

But what made Ipséité stand out from other rap albums in 2017? How did Damso manage to create such a unique and influential work of art? Here are some of the reasons why Ipséité was the album that redefined French rap in 2017:

  • Ipséité means “selfhood” or “identity” in French, and the album explores Damso’s personal struggles, doubts, and contradictions. Damso does not shy away from exposing his flaws, fears, and desires, as well as his opinions on society, politics, and religion. He also reflects on his origins, his family, and his career. The album is a journey into Damso’s psyche, where he reveals himself as a complex and multifaceted human being.
  • The album features diverse and innovative production, ranging from trap beats to acoustic guitars, from piano melodies to orchestral arrangements. Damso collaborated with various producers, such as Benjay, Double X, Pyroman, and Therapy. He also experimented with different flows and vocal effects, creating a dynamic and varied sonic landscape. The album showcases Damso’s musical versatility and creativity.
  • The album contains references to various cultural icons and works, such as Albert Camus, Friedrich Nietzsche, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, and more. Damso draws inspiration from different sources and genres, such as philosophy, literature, art, cinema, and music. He also pays homage to some of his rap influences, such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Booba. The album demonstrates Damso’s cultural knowledge and curiosity.

Ipséité is not just a rap album; it is a masterpiece of storytelling, poetry, and music. It is an album that challenges the listener to think critically and empathetically. It is an album that transcends the boundaries of genre and language. It is an album that redefined French rap in 2017.

But what makes Damso such a compelling and controversial rapper? Why does he provoke such strong reactions from his fans and critics? Here are some of the aspects that characterize Damso’s style and persona:

  • Damso is known for his provocative and explicit lyrics, which often deal with topics such as sex, violence, drugs, and racism. Damso does not censor himself or sugarcoat his words; he expresses himself freely and honestly, even if it means offending or shocking some people. He also uses humor and irony to mock his detractors and to cope with his own problems. Damso’s lyrics are a reflection of his reality and his vision of the world.
  • Damso is also known for his social and political engagement, which he expresses through his music and his actions. Damso is an advocate for human rights, especially for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he was born and where his family still lives. He has denounced the atrocities committed by the government and the militias in the country, as well as the exploitation of its natural resources by foreign corporations. He has also supported various causes and organizations, such as Amnesty International, UNICEF, and Médecins Sans Frontières.
  • Damso is a versatile and prolific artist, who has released four solo albums and several collaborations with other artists, such as Stromae, Orelsan, Kalash, Hamza, and more. He has also ventured into other genres and formats, such as pop, rock, R&B, electro, and film soundtracks. He has won several awards and nominations, such as the Victoires de la Musique, the BET Awards, and the NRJ Music Awards. He has also performed in various festivals and venues around the world, such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Olympia, and Bercy.

Damso is one of the most influential and successful rappers of his generation. He has revolutionized the French rap scene with his originality and authenticity. He has inspired many young artists and fans to follow their dreams and to express themselves freely. He has also raised awareness and consciousness about the issues that affect our society and our planet. Damso is more than a rapper; he is a leader, a thinker, and a visionary.

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