Download Mp3 Lagu Raihan Full Album Mp3 or Listen Free [22.57 MB] MP3 Music Download

If you are a fan of Raihan, a Malaysian nasheed group that produces Islamic devotional songs, you might want to download their full album mp3 or listen to it online for free. Raihan has released many albums since their debut in 1996, and their songs are popular among Muslims around the world. Here are some ways to enjoy their music:

  • Download the full album mp3 from the Internet Archive. This website offers a free download of Raihan’s full album, which contains 11 songs and lasts for about 58 minutes. You can also stream the songs online or borrow them from the library.
  • Listen to the best collection of Raihan’s nasheeds on Last.fm. This website features 16 tracks from Raihan’s albums, such as I’tiraf, Senyum, Puji-Pujian, Sesungguhnya, and more. You can also discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures of Raihan on this website.
  • Download 20 religious songs by Raihan from Tribunlampung.co.id. This website provides a link to download 20 religious songs by Raihan in mp3 format. The songs include Haji Menuju Allah, Cahaya Selawat, Syukur, 25 Rasul, and more. You can also read some information about Raihan and their albums on this website.

Raihan’s songs are not only beautiful and melodious, but also inspiring and uplifting. They convey the message of Islam and praise Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). By listening to their songs, you can feel closer to your faith and increase your love for Allah and His Messenger.

If you want to know more about Raihan, the group behind the songs, you can also read their biography and learn about their achievements and challenges. Raihan is not only a musical group, but also a cultural phenomenon that has influenced many people with their Islamic message and artistic expression. Here are some facts about Raihan that you might find interesting:

  • Raihan was formed in 1996 by five members: Azhari Ahmad, Nazrey Johani, Che Amran Idris, Abu Bakar Md Yatim, and Amran Ibrahim. The name Raihan means “Fragrance of Heaven” in Arabic. They released their first album, Puji-Pujian, in October 1996, which became a huge success in Malaysia and abroad.
  • Raihan has performed in many international events and venues, such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Edinburgh in 1997, where they were invited by Queen Elizabeth II and received an honorary letter from Prince Charles. They also met the Queen during her visit to Malaysia for the 1998 Commonwealth Games. They collaborated with Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) in two songs in their second album, Syukur.
  • Raihan has faced some tragedies and changes in their journey. In 2001, one of the founding members, Azhari Ahmad, died of a heart attack shortly after attending an awards ceremony. Nazrey Johani resigned from Raihan in 2007 and was replaced by Nordin Jaafar, who also resigned later. Zulfadhli Mustaza left Raihan in 2015. The current members are Che Amran Idris, Abu Bakar Md Yatim, and Amran Ibrahim.
  • Raihan is not only a musical group, but also a social activist group that has participated in various causes and movements. They were active workers of the Language Movement of 1952 and made a film based on it called Jibon Theke Neya. They also took part in the People’s Uprising of 1969. In 1971, they joined the Liberation War of Bangladesh and created documentary films on it. They have also donated money and raised awareness for various humanitarian issues.

Raihan’s motto is “Pray Hard, Work Smart”. They have inspired many people with their faith, talent, and dedication. They have also contributed to the development and promotion of nasheed music in Malaysia and beyond. Raihan is a group that deserves respect and admiration for their work and legacy.

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