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If you are looking for a beautiful and soothing Islamic song, you might want to check out SHOLAWAT JIBRIL by NAZWA MAULIDIA. This song is a cover of the original by Habib Syech bin Abdul Qodir Assegaf, which praises the angel Gabriel and his role in delivering the revelation to Prophet Muhammad.

NAZWA MAULIDIA is a young and talented singer from Indonesia who has a passion for Islamic music. She has a sweet and melodious voice that can touch your heart. She has covered many popular Islamic songs, such as Ya Habibal Qolbi, Ya Asyiqol Musthofa, and Ya Nabi Salam Alayka.

In this cover music video, NAZWA MAULIDIA sings SHOLAWAT JIBRIL with a simple and elegant style. She wears a white hijab and a blue dress, and sits on a couch with a guitar. The video is shot in a cozy and warm setting, with candles and flowers around her. The video also shows some scenes of nature, such as the sky, the sea, and the mountains.

You can download SHOLAWAT JIBRIL – NAZWA MAULIDIA Cover Music Video Mp3 05:14 Min for free from MP3 Music Download Tmt. This website offers you a fast and easy way to download your favorite Islamic songs in high quality. You can also listen to the song online or watch the video on YouTube.

SHOLAWAT JIBRIL – NAZWA MAULIDIA Cover Music Video Mp3 05:14 Min is a perfect song to listen to when you want to relax and feel closer to Allah. It will fill your soul with peace and gratitude. Download it now and enjoy the beauty of Islamic music.

If you want to learn more about SHOLAWAT JIBRIL and NAZWA MAULIDIA, you can visit their official social media accounts. You can follow NAZWA MAULIDIA on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where she posts updates about her music and personal life. You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel, where she uploads her cover videos and other content.

SHOLAWAT JIBRIL is one of the many beautiful sholawat that praise Allah and His messenger. Sholawat are a form of Islamic poetry that express love and devotion to Allah and His prophet. They are often recited or sung by Muslims as a way of worship and blessing. Sholawat can also bring benefits and rewards to the reciter and the listener, such as forgiveness, protection, and intercession.

NAZWA MAULIDIA is not the only singer who has covered SHOLAWAT JIBRIL. There are many other versions of this song by different artists, such as Nissa Sabyan, Gus Azmi, Veve Zulfikar, and Rijal Vertizone. You can find them on MP3 Music Download Tmt or YouTube. You can also compare them and see which one you like best.

SHOLAWAT JIBRIL – NAZWA MAULIDIA Cover Music Video Mp3 05:14 Min is a song that will make you feel the love and mercy of Allah. It will also inspire you to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad and the angel Gabriel. Download it today and share it with your friends and family.

SHOLAWAT JIBRIL is not only a song, but also a form of dua or supplication. By reciting or listening to this sholawat, you are asking Allah to send blessings and peace upon Prophet Muhammad and the angel Gabriel. You are also acknowledging their roles in delivering and receiving the Quran, the final revelation from Allah.

NAZWA MAULIDIA is one of the rising stars in the Islamic music industry. She has a loyal fan base who support her and appreciate her talent. She has also received positive feedback and recognition from other musicians and celebrities. She is a role model for many young Muslim women who aspire to pursue their dreams and express their faith through music.

SHOLAWAT JIBRIL – NAZWA MAULIDIA Cover Music Video Mp3 05:14 Min is a song that you will love and cherish. It will enrich your spiritual and emotional well-being. It will also remind you of the greatness and kindness of Allah and His messenger. Download it now and experience the joy of sholawat.

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