How to Download Velozes e furiosos 5: Danza Kuduro Official Extended Don Omar ft. LucenzoDaddy Yankee & Arcngel Mp3 and Mp4

If you are a fan of the Fast and Furious movie franchise, you might have heard the catchy song “Danza Kuduro” by Don Omar ft. LucenzoDaddy Yankee & Arcngel. This song was featured in the fifth installment of the series, Fast Five, and became a hit worldwide. But did you know that there is an official extended version of the song that lasts for 6 minutes and has more verses and beats?

If you want to download this version of the song in mp3 or mp4 format, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to this YouTube link where you can find the official extended video of the song.
  2. Copy the URL of the video from the address bar.
  3. Go to this website where you can convert YouTube videos to mp3 or mp4 files.
  4. Paste the URL of the video in the box and choose the format you want (mp3 or mp4).
  5. Click on “Convert” and wait for a few seconds.
  6. Click on “Download” and save the file to your device.

And that’s it! You have successfully downloaded Velozes e furiosos 5: Danza Kuduro Official Extended Don Omar ft. LucenzoDaddy Yankee & Arcngel Mp3 and Mp4. Enjoy listening to this amazing song and relive the thrilling scenes from Fast Five!

If you are curious about the origin and meaning of the song, here are some interesting facts:

  • “Danza Kuduro” is a Spanish/Portuguese song that is based on Lucenzo’s previous single “Vem Dançar Kuduro”, which means “Come Dance Kuduro” in Portuguese.
  • Kuduro is a style of dancing and a musical genre from Angola, a former Portuguese colony in Africa . The dance is inspired by the movements of people who were disfigured or crippled by the civil war that ravaged the country.
  • The song was a worldwide hit, topping the charts in many countries and becoming the most-streamed song on Spotify in 2011. It was also featured in the movie Fast Five, the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise .
  • The song showcases Don Omar’s reggaeton skills and Lucenzo’s accordion playing, creating a catchy and energetic tune that invites people to dance .

Now that you know more about the song, you can appreciate it even more and enjoy its lively rhythm and lyrics.

If you are a fan of the Fast and Furious movie franchise, you might also enjoy some trivia about Fast Five, the film that featured “Danza Kuduro” as its ending song:

  • The stunt involving the flatbed truck slamming into the moving train was filmed practically, without the use of miniatures or CGI. The collision nearly derailed the train, as can clearly be seen.
  • The role of Hobbs was originally envisioned for Tommy Lee Jones. According to Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson was brought into Fast Five because of a fan suggestion from a girl named Jan Kelly, who said she would love to see the two work together on screen.
  • Paul Walker did most of his own stunts in the film, training with parkour specialist Paul Darnell for authenticity.
  • The big brawl between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel took over a week to shoot.
  • Puerto Rico doubled up for Rio de Janeiro, thanks to an $11 million tax incentive.
  • Three days after Fast Five was released, Dwayne Johnson appeared on WWE Raw in which he was celebrating his 39th birthday in his hometown of Miami, Florida at the AmericanAirlines Arena. While celebrating, many WWE Superstars dressed up as Johnson’s characters from his movies.

These are just some of the fun facts about Fast Five, one of the most successful and action-packed films in the Fast and Furious series.

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