Yaad Ma Raho Chho: A Sad Song by Kajal Maheriya

Yaad Ma Raho Chho is a Gujarati sad song sung by Kajal Maheriya, a popular singer and producer. The song was released in 2020 by KM Digital, Kajal Maheriya’s own music label. The song features Yuvraj Suvada, Pooja Prajapati, Bhoomi Chauhan, Sejal Panchal and Nirav Kalal as the artists. The lyrics were written by Pravin Rawat and the music was composed by Rahul and Ravi. The song is about the pain of losing a loved one and remembering them in every moment.

The song has a high-quality video that was directed and shot by Chanakya Thakor. The video has over 42 million views on YouTube. The song is also available on other platforms like Shazam. The song has received positive feedback from the listeners who praised Kajal Maheriya’s voice and emotion. The song also has a caller tune option for different mobile networks.

Yaad Ma Raho Chho is a song that touches the heart of anyone who has experienced loss and longing. It is a song that expresses the feelings of sorrow and nostalgia in a beautiful way.

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Kajal Maheriya is a well-known singer and producer in the Gujarati music industry. She started her career as a folk singer and later ventured into other genres like pop, romantic and sad songs. She has sung more than 500 songs and has produced more than 100 albums. She has also performed live shows across India and abroad. She is known for her versatile voice and her ability to connect with the audience.

Some of her other popular songs are Bewafa Tune Mujko Pagal Kar Diya, Rona Ser Ma, Prem Karso Na Koi, Tari Yaad Ma Jindagi Javani and many more. She has also collaborated with other singers like Jignesh Kaviraj, Rakesh Barot, Kinjal Dave and Gaman Santhal. She has won several awards and accolades for her contribution to the Gujarati music industry.

Kajal Maheriya is a singer who has made a mark in the music world with her talent and passion. She is a source of inspiration for many aspiring singers who want to pursue their dreams. She is a singer who has given voice to the emotions of millions of people through her songs.

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Yaad Ma Raho Chho is not only a song but also a message for the listeners. It is a message that tells them to cherish their loved ones and to keep them in their memories. It is a message that reminds them that life is unpredictable and that they should not take anything for granted. It is a message that encourages them to express their love and gratitude to the people who matter to them.

The song also has a social impact as it raises awareness about the issue of road accidents and their consequences. The video of the song shows how a young couple’s life is shattered by a tragic accident that takes away the life of the boy. The girl is left alone and heartbroken, remembering their happy moments together. The video also shows how the families of the victims are affected by the loss of their loved ones. The video urges the viewers to drive safely and to follow the traffic rules.

Yaad Ma Raho Chho is a song that has touched the hearts of many people with its melody and lyrics. It is a song that has made Kajal Maheriya a household name in the Gujarati music industry. It is a song that has become a part of the culture and identity of the Gujarati people.

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