Eman Al Sharif- Malo: A Sudanese Singer with a Soulful Voice

Eman Al Sharif- Malo: A Sudanese Singer with a Soulful Voice

Eman Al Sharif is a Sudanese singer who has gained popularity for her songs that blend traditional and modern elements. She is known for her soulful voice and expressive lyrics that touch on various themes such as love, nostalgia, and social issues.

One of her most popular songs is Malo, which means “what’s wrong” in Arabic. The song was released in 2020 and has over 50,000 views on YouTube. The song is a lament for a lost lover who left without a reason. Eman Al Sharif sings with emotion and asks him what went wrong and why he broke her heart.

Eman Al Sharif is not only a singer, but also a songwriter and composer. She has written and composed many of her own songs, such as Donia Ya Fraga (The World is a Strawberry), Asamhk Keef (How Can I Forgive You), and Alam Alfiraq (The Pain of Separation). She has also collaborated with other artists, such as Salim Rashaad, who featured her in his song Ya Salam (Oh Peace) in 2022.

Eman Al Sharif is part of a new generation of Sudanese singers who are reviving the musical heritage of their country and introducing it to a wider audience. She is also a role model for many young women who aspire to pursue their dreams and express themselves through art.

Eman Al Sharif was born in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, in 1993. She grew up in a musical family and was exposed to various genres of music from an early age. She learned to play the piano and the guitar and started singing at school and in local events. She also developed a passion for poetry and literature and was influenced by Sudanese poets such as Mahjoub Sharif and Abdel Karim Mirghani.

She studied medicine at the University of Khartoum and graduated in 2018. She then moved to the United States to pursue her residency in ophthalmology at the University of California, San Diego. She balanced her medical career with her musical aspirations and continued to record and release songs online. She also performed live at various venues and festivals in the US and Sudan.

She has received positive feedback and recognition from fans and critics alike for her unique style and voice. She has been praised for her ability to fuse traditional Sudanese rhythms and melodies with contemporary sounds and genres such as pop, jazz, and R&B. She has also been commended for her lyrical depth and creativity that reflect her personal experiences and views on life.

Eman Al Sharif has expressed her desire to contribute to the development and promotion of Sudanese music and culture. She has said that she wants to use her platform to raise awareness and support for various causes and issues that affect her country and its people. She has also said that she hopes to inspire and empower other young Sudanese women to pursue their dreams and passions.

She has also revealed that she plans to release her first album in 2023, which will feature some of her most popular songs as well as new ones. She has said that the album will showcase her musical diversity and versatility and will include collaborations with other Sudanese and international artists. She has also said that she hopes to perform live in more countries and regions and to reach a wider audience.

Eman Al Sharif is a talented and ambitious singer who has proven herself as a rising star in the Sudanese music scene. She is also a dedicated and compassionate doctor who has devoted herself to serving her patients and community. She is a shining example of a successful and proud Sudanese woman who has overcome many obstacles and challenges to achieve her goals and dreams.

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