How to Download and Install FIFA-18.rar for Free

How to Download and Install FIFA-18.rar for Free

FIFA-18.rar is a compressed file that contains the full version of FIFA 18, one of the most popular soccer games in the world. If you want to play FIFA 18 on your PC without paying anything, you can follow these simple steps to download and install FIFA-18.rar for free.

  1. Go to and click on the “Download” button. This will start downloading FIFA-18.rar to your computer.
  2. Once the download is complete, locate FIFA-18.rar in your downloads folder and right-click on it. Select “Extract Here” or “Extract to FIFA 18” depending on your extraction software. This will create a new folder called “FIFA 18” with all the game files inside.
  3. Open the “FIFA 18” folder and double-click on the “Setup.exe” file. This will launch the installation wizard that will guide you through the installation process. Follow the instructions on the screen and choose your preferred language, destination folder, and other options.
  4. When the installation is finished, you can launch FIFA 18 from your desktop shortcut or start menu. Enjoy playing FIFA 18 for free!

Note: FIFA-18.rar is not an official release from EA Sports and may contain viruses, malware, or other harmful components. Downloading and installing FIFA-18.rar is at your own risk and may violate the terms of service of EA Sports. We do not recommend or endorse FIFA-18.rar in any way.

If you want to play FIFA 18 online with other players, you will need to create an account on Origin, the official platform of EA Sports. To do this, you will need a valid email address and a unique username. You can create an account on Origin by visiting and clicking on the “Register” button.

Once you have created your account, you can log in to Origin from FIFA 18 by clicking on the “Online” option in the main menu. You will be asked to enter your email and password that you used to register on Origin. After logging in, you can access various online features of FIFA 18, such as Ultimate Team, Seasons, Pro Clubs, and more.

Note: Playing FIFA 18 online may require a stable internet connection and may consume a lot of data. Playing FIFA 18 online may also expose you to other players who may use cheats, hacks, or abusive language. We do not recommend or endorse playing FIFA 18 online in any way.

FIFA 18 is a fun and realistic soccer game that lets you experience the thrill of the beautiful game. Whether you want to play solo or with friends, offline or online, FIFA 18 has something for everyone. You can choose from hundreds of teams and players, customize your own squad, and compete in various modes and tournaments.

However, FIFA 18 is not a perfect game and may have some flaws and drawbacks. Some of the common issues that players may face are bugs, glitches, crashes, lag, errors, and compatibility problems. If you encounter any of these issues while playing FIFA 18, you can try some of the following solutions:

  • Update your drivers and software. Make sure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements for FIFA 18 and that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card, sound card, and other devices. You can also update your Windows operating system and DirectX to the latest versions.
  • Run FIFA 18 as an administrator. Sometimes, FIFA 18 may not have enough permissions to access certain files or folders on your PC. To fix this, you can right-click on the FIFA 18 shortcut or executable file and select “Run as administrator”. This will give FIFA 18 full access to your PC resources.
  • Disable antivirus and firewall. Some antivirus or firewall programs may interfere with FIFA 18 and block its connection or functionality. To prevent this, you can temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall before launching FIFA 18. Make sure to enable them again after you finish playing.
  • Change the game settings. If FIFA 18 is running too slow or too fast on your PC, you can try changing some of the game settings to optimize its performance. You can lower the resolution, graphics quality, sound quality, or other options in the game menu. You can also enable or disable features such as Vsync, anti-aliasing, or motion blur.

Note: These solutions are not guaranteed to work for everyone and may vary depending on your PC specifications and configuration. Trying these solutions is at your own risk and may cause damage to your PC or data. We do not recommend or endorse trying these solutions in any way.

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