Free!: Take Your Marks – Episode 2 Review

Free!: Take Your Marks - Episode 2 Review

Free!: Take Your Marks is a movie that consists of four stories that take place between the events of Free!: Eternal Summer and Free!: Dive to the Future. The second story, Hitou no Cooling Down! (Cooling Down at the Secret Hot Spring!), focuses on the members of the Samezuka swim team as they decide on a graduation gift for Rin Matsuoka and Sousuke Yamazaki.

Aiichiro Nitori, who admires Rin and Sousuke, wants to give them something memorable and meaningful. He asks Momotaro Mikoshiba for help, who suggests a trip to a hot spring. Coincidentally, Momotaro wins tickets to the Anago Hot Springs in a lottery and invites Aiichiro, Rin and Sousuke to join him. However, the hot spring turns out to be a rundown and deserted place with a creepy owner. The four boys try to make the best out of their situation and enjoy their time together.

This story is a fun and relaxing episode that shows the friendship and camaraderie among the Samezuka swimmers. It also gives some insight into Rin and Sousuke’s plans for the future, as they prepare to leave for Australia and Tokyo respectively. The episode has some humorous moments, such as Momotaro’s antics, Rin’s fear of ghosts, and Sousuke’s deadpan reactions. It also has some heartwarming moments, such as Aiichiro’s heartfelt speech to Rin and Sousuke, and their gratitude for his gift.

Overall, this episode is a nice way to spend some time with the Samezuka boys before they part ways. It showcases their personalities, bonds, and dreams in a lighthearted and enjoyable manner. Fans of Free! will surely appreciate this episode as a farewell gift to Rin and Sousuke.

The next story, Kessoku no Batafurai! (United Butterfly!), follows the members of the Iwatobi swim club as they try to make a recruitment video for their club. They want to attract new members for the next school year, as Haruka and Makoto will be graduating soon. They ask Gou Matsuoka, Rin’s sister and their club manager, to help them with the video.

Gou comes up with various ideas for the video, such as showing off their swimming skills, their daily activities, and their personal appeals. However, none of them seem to work out well, as Rei Ryugazaki struggles with his butterfly stroke, Nagisa Hazuki causes trouble with his mischief, and Haruka and Makoto are too shy and modest. Gou also tries to film them in their swimsuits, but they refuse to cooperate.

This story is a hilarious and adorable episode that shows the antics and interactions of the Iwatobi swimmers. It also highlights their individual characteristics, such as Rei’s perfectionism, Nagisa’s cheerfulness, Haruka’s passion for water, and Makoto’s kindness. The episode has some funny moments, such as Gou’s obsession with muscles, Rei’s failed attempts at flying, Nagisa’s prank on Haruka, and Makoto’s embarrassment at being filmed. It also has some sweet moments, such as Haruka and Makoto’s support for Rei, Nagisa’s enthusiasm for the club, and Gou’s appreciation for their efforts.

Overall, this episode is a delightful way to spend some time with the Iwatobi boys before they graduate. It showcases their charm, friendship, and love for swimming in a humorous and endearing manner. Fans of Free! will surely enjoy this episode as a tribute to the original series.

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