Bankelal and the Cannibal Looters: A Comic Review

Bankelal and the Cannibal Looters: A Comic Review

Bankelal is a popular comic character created by Raj Comics in India. He is a medieval king of comedy who always tries to harm his king Vikram Singh, but ends up helping him instead. His comic stories are full of humor, fantasy and horror elements.

In this comic, Bankelal and the Cannibal Looters, Bankelal finds out about a secret treasure hidden in a cave by some cannibal bandits. He decides to steal the treasure and use it to overthrow Vikram Singh. However, he faces many obstacles and challenges on his way, such as a giant snake, a witch, a ghost and the cannibals themselves. Will he succeed in his plan or will he fail miserably as usual?

This comic is one of the many adventures of Bankelal that are available online for free. It is written by Papindar Juneja and illustrated by Jitendra Bedi. It was first published in 1987 and has been reprinted several times since then. It is part of the Bankelal series that includes over 200 issues.

The comic is entertaining and funny, with witty dialogues and hilarious situations. The characters are well-drawn and expressive, especially Bankelal’s facial expressions. The plot is simple but engaging, with twists and turns that keep the reader interested. The comic also has some elements of horror and fantasy that add to the appeal of the story.

Overall, Bankelal and the Cannibal Looters is a comic that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes comedy and adventure. It is a classic example of the Indian comic culture that has been entertaining generations of readers.

If you want to read more about Bankelal and his comic adventures, you can visit the following websites:

  • Bankelal – Read Comics Online: This website has a collection of Bankelal comics that you can read online for free. You can browse by issue number or by category. You can also download the comics in PDF format.
  • Bankelal Comics – Apps on Google Play: This app is a lite version made to read online comics. It has many category comics that you can view online. You can also rate and review the comics.
  • Bankelal – Wikipedia: This article gives you an overview of the character, his origin, his powers and abilities, and his plot summary. It also has a list of all the issues of Bankelal comics and their titles.

Bankelal is a comic character that has been loved by many readers for decades. He is a unique and hilarious creation that reflects the Indian sense of humor and culture. He is a comic legend that deserves to be read and appreciated by everyone.

In conclusion, Bankelal and the Cannibal Looters is a comic that showcases the talent and creativity of Raj Comics. It is a comic that can make you laugh and enjoy the adventures of a comic hero who is not really a hero. It is a comic that can also make you appreciate the rich and diverse culture of India. It is a comic that you should definitely read and share with your friends and family.

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