Grounded v1.1.3.4005.rar: A Survival Adventure Game

Grounded is a survival adventure game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Microsoft. The game is set in a backyard where the player has been shrunk to the size of an ant and must explore, craft, and fight to survive the dangers of the environment.

The game features both single-player and multiplayer modes, where the player can team up with up to three other players online. The game also has a creative mode where the player can build structures and customize the backyard without any threats.

The game was released in early access on July 28, 2020 for Windows and Xbox One, and has received positive reviews from critics and players. The game has been updated regularly with new features, bug fixes, and content.

The latest update, patch 1.1.3, was released on January 24, 2023 and brought several improvements and fixes to the game. Some of the notable changes are:

  • Improved item desync that could happen on clients when crafting.
  • Wizard’s Defense no longer procs off bow attacks.
  • Throwing the Pinch Wacker or Salt Morning Star no longer harvests items they shouldn’t.
  • Sap Collectors no longer incorrectly have “Take All” disabled.
  • Properly syncing Steam online accounts when logging into Xbox Live on Steam builds to allow for Steam friends invite and to not require two Steam friends to be Xbox Live friends.
  • Saves with BURG.L outside of the lab will have him reset his location on load.

If you are interested in playing Grounded, you can download the game from Steam or Microsoft Store for $29.99. You can also download Grounded v1.1.3.4005.rar from various torrent sites for free, but be careful of viruses and malware that may harm your computer.

Grounded is a fun and immersive game that will challenge your survival skills and creativity. Whether you play solo or with friends, you will find plenty of things to do and discover in the backyard. So grab your backpack, your weapon, and your courage, and get ready to face the giant insects and other perils of Grounded!

Grounded is a game that offers a lot of freedom and variety to the player. You can explore different biomes, such as the grasslands, the pond, the hedge, and the haze. Each biome has its own unique flora and fauna, resources, and hazards. You can also encounter different types of insects, such as ants, spiders, bees, ladybugs, mosquitoes, and more. Some insects are friendly and helpful, while others are hostile and dangerous. You can also find clues and secrets about the mysterious machine that shrunk you and the mysterious robot BURG.L who gives you quests and rewards.

Grounded is a game that also encourages creativity and customization. You can craft various items, such as weapons, armor, tools, consumables, and more. You can also build your own base using different materials and structures. You can design your base to suit your needs and preferences, such as adding defenses, storage, decorations, utilities, and more. You can also unlock new recipes and blueprints by analyzing resources and completing quests. You can also customize your character’s appearance and skills using mutations.

Grounded is a game that is still in development and has a lot of potential. The developers are constantly working on adding new features, content, and improvements to the game. They also listen to the feedback and suggestions of the community and try to implement them in the game. The game has a roadmap that shows the planned updates and features for the future. Some of the upcoming features are:

  • New biomes: The sandbox and the birdbath.
  • New insects: Fireflies, dragonflies, water fleas, water boatmen, diving bell spiders, and more.
  • New structures: Zip lines, signs, fences, gates, curved walls and floors, and more.
  • New items: Lanterns, candles, fire pits, fishing rods, bait traps, diving gear, gas masks, and more.
  • New quests: More story missions involving BURG.L and Ominent.
  • New modes: Photo mode and creative mode improvements.

Grounded is a game that will keep you entertained for hours with its rich and diverse gameplay. Whether you want to explore, craft, build, fight, or just relax in the backyard, you will find something to enjoy in Grounded. So don’t wait any longer and download Grounded v1.1.3.4005.rar today!

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