Kayley: The Meaning and Origin of a Popular Name

If you are looking for a name that is both beautiful and versatile, you might want to consider Kayley. Kayley is a name that can be used for both girls and boys, and has a variety of spellings and origins. In this article, we will explore the meaning and history of Kayley, as well as some of the celebrities and fictional characters who share this name.

What Does Kayley Mean?

Kayley is a name that has several possible meanings, depending on its origin and spelling. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Kayley is an alternate spelling of Cayla, which is derived from Caoilainn, an Irish Gaelic name that means “slim and fair” or “slender”.
  • Kayley is also a variant of Kaylee, which is a combination of Kay and Lee. Kay is a short form of Katherine, which means “pure”, and Lee is an English surname that means “meadow” or “clearing”.
  • Kayley can also be a short form of Michaela, which is a feminine form of Michael. Michael is a Hebrew name that means “who is like God?”.

How Popular Is Kayley?

Kayley is a fairly popular name in the United States, especially for girls. According to the Social Security Administration, Kayley ranked #2506 in 2022 for girls, with 77 babies given this name. For boys, Kayley ranked #13532, with 5 babies given this name.

Kayley has many variations in spelling and pronunciation, such as Kaylee, Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kailey, Kaley, Kaleigh, Kalee, Kaili, Kaileigh, Kailee, Kaeli, Caylie, Cayla, Caylee, Cayleigh, Caley, Caleigh, Cailey, Caileigh, Callie, etc. Some of these forms are more popular than others. For example, in 2022, Kaylee ranked #97 for girls and Callie ranked #190.

Who Are Some Famous People Named Kayley?

There are not many famous people named Kayley, but here are some examples:

  • Kayley Cuoco (born 1985), an American actress best known for her roles in The Big Bang Theory and 8 Simple Rules.
  • Kayley Hill (born 1990), an American singer who competed on the 15th season of American Idol.
  • Kayley Woollacott (born 1981), a British racehorse trainer.

Who Are Some Fictional Characters Named Kayley?

There are also some fictional characters named Kayley, such as:

  • Kayley, the main protagonist of the 1998 animated film Quest for Camelot. She is voiced by Jessalyn Gilsig and her singing voice is provided by Andrea Corr.
  • Kayley Frye (born 2014), a character from the Firefly franchise. She is the mechanic of the spaceship Serenity and is portrayed by Jewel Staite.
  • Kaylee Tam (born 2006), a character from the Ender’s Game series by Orson Scott Card. She is the daughter of Han Tzu and Virlomi.


Kayley is a name that has many meanings and origins, and can be used for both girls and boys. It is a popular name in the United States, with many variations in spelling and pronunciation. Kayley is also a name that has been featured in some movies, TV shows, and books.

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