LonaRPG: A Hardcore Survival RPG in a Cruel World

LonaRPG is a game by eccma417 that is currently in Early Access on Itch.io. It is a hardcore, survival, action-adventure, role-playing game set in a cruel and unforgiving world. You play as Lona, a young lady who is trying to escape from Noer Island, a hellhole filled with monsters, bandits, and slavers. You can decide Lona’s fate and destiny by choosing her personality, skills, traits, and perks. You can also interact with many characters and creatures, explore the entire island, engage in combat or stealth, hunt animals, set traps, and more.

The game features a fast-paced and real-time combat system, a complex and hardcore survival system, a game-changing system that allows an extreme amount of replayability, and a story that is not for the faint of heart. The game also has many erotic scenes and events that can happen to Lona depending on her choices and actions. The game is not finished yet and there are still many missing contents such as other characters’ storylines, unfinished maps and lore, and more erotic scenes. The game is also still being translated to native high-quality English.

If you are interested in LonaRPG, you can buy it now for $29.00 USD or more on Itch.io. You can also follow the developer’s devlog to get updates on the game’s progress and future plans. You can also check out some cheats and console commands for the game on KosGames. But be warned: LonaRPG is not a game for everyone. It is a game that will challenge you, frustrate you, shock you, and maybe even arouse you. It is a game that will make you feel something. Are you ready to help Lona survive this miserable world?

LonaRPG is a game that will test your skills and choices as a player. You can customize Lona’s personality and skills by choosing from different traits and perks. For example, you can make her a dumb melee fighter, a stealthy coward, a cool-headed normie, a hot-headed tsundere, a meek lamb, or even a nymphomaniac. Each trait and perk will have advantages and disadvantages in the game. For example, being a dumb melee fighter will make you stronger in combat but also more reckless and prone to injuries. Being a stealthy coward will make you avoid fights but also miss out on some opportunities and rewards. Being a nymphomaniac will make you enjoy sex more but also more vulnerable to sexual attacks and diseases.

LonaRPG is also a game that will immerse you in a cruel and unforgiving world. You will have to manage your health, stamina, and satiation wisely, or else you will suffer from various negative effects. You will also have to deal with wounds, infections, diseases, pregnancy, and other conditions that can affect your survival. You will have to scavenge for resources, craft items, hunt animals, set traps, and trade with others to get what you need. You will also have to face many dangers and enemies on the island, such as monsters, bandits, slavers, cultists, and more. You can fight them head-on with weapons or magic, or sneak around them with stealth. You can also try to talk to them or seduce them if you are feeling brave or desperate.

LonaRPG is also a game that will tell you a story about a young lady trying to escape from a hellhole. You will learn about Lona’s past and why she ended up on Noer Island. You will also meet many other characters and creatures who have their own stories and motivations. You can help them or hinder them, befriend them or betray them, love them or hate them. You can also influence the fate of the island and its inhabitants by your actions and decisions. The game has multiple endings depending on your choices and outcomes. Will you be able to escape from Noer Island? Will you find happiness or misery? Will you be a hero or a villain? The choice is yours.

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