Mdabudabu Episodes: A Sesotho Comedy Series

Mdabudabu Episodes: A Sesotho Comedy Series

Mdabudabu is a Sesotho comedy series that follows the hilarious adventures of Mdabudabu, a cunning and mischievous man who always tries to fix other people’s problems in his own way. Mdabudabu often gets into trouble with his family, friends and neighbors, especially his brother-in-law Malome, who is always suspicious of his schemes.

The series is produced by Tycoonseries and Mokoro Media, and features actors such as Apollo Ntabanyane, Jojo Makolojane, Mosola Comedy and more. The series is available on YouTube and Facebook, where it has gained thousands of views, likes and comments from fans who enjoy the humor and creativity of the show.

Some of the popular episodes of Mdabudabu include:

  • Mdabu-dabu- the fixer (full sesotho comedy film): Mdabudabu tries to fix his sister’s marriage by exposing her cheating husband.
  • Mdabu-dabu Episode 08 | Mdabudabu Epi 08 Mdabudabu o nyalisa Malome ka nkane: Mdabudabu pretends to marry Malome’s sister to get money from him.
  • Mdabudabu Episodes | “Malome ree kopa e le video Re batla ho bona Mdabudabu haacho joalo”: Mdabudabu asks Malome to record a video of him acting like a gangster.

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining Sesotho comedy series, you should definitely check out Mdabudabu Episodes. You will not regret it!

Here are some more details about Mdabudabu Episodes:

The series is written and directed by Tycoonseries, a Sesotho content creator who has been making films since 2018. Tycoonseries aims to promote Sesotho culture and language through his films, which cover various genres such as comedy, drama, romance and action. Tycoonseries also collaborates with other Sesotho filmmakers and actors, such as Rethabile Mongali, Naidy Tshabalala and JAKANE ALEX.

Mokoro Media is a media company that produces and distributes Mdabudabu Episodes on Facebook. Mokoro Media also produces other Sesotho shows, such as Menyabuketso, Pelo E ja Serati and Toro Eaka. Mokoro Media has a large and loyal fan base on Facebook, where they interact with their viewers and share behind-the-scenes content.

Mdabudabu Episodes is one of the most popular and successful Sesotho comedy series in South Africa and Lesotho. The series has received positive feedback from critics and audiences alike, who praise its originality, humor and quality. Mdabudabu Episodes is also a source of inspiration and empowerment for many Sesotho speakers, who appreciate the representation and celebration of their culture and language on screen.

Here are some more facts about Mdabudabu Episodes:

  • The series has 10 episodes so far, each ranging from 10 to 40 minutes in length.
  • The series is filmed in Sesotho, with English subtitles available on YouTube.
  • The series features a mix of professional and amateur actors, who bring their own personalities and talents to the roles.
  • The series uses a combination of scripted and improvised dialogue, which adds to the spontaneity and realism of the scenes.
  • The series is mainly set in urban and rural areas of Lesotho and South Africa, showcasing the diversity and beauty of these places.

Mdabudabu Episodes is a must-watch for anyone who loves comedy and Sesotho culture. The series will make you laugh, cry and learn something new. Don’t miss out on this amazing show!

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