Momoka Matsumoto: From Idol to Anime Star

Momoka Matsumoto: From Idol to Anime Star

Momoka Matsumoto is a Japanese actress and singer who rose to fame as a former member of the idol groups 4U2cr8 and i-deal PROJECT. She left the idol industry in 2022 and pursued a career in voice acting, landing her first major role as Shiori Goshiki in the anime series A Galaxy Next Door.

Matsumoto was born on July 23, 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. She joined 4U2cr8, a four-member idol unit, in 2021 as a founding member. The group performed pop songs and dance routines at live events and online platforms. However, the group disbanded after only eight months due to poor sales and management issues. Matsumoto then joined i-deal PROJECT, another idol group, as a first generation member. She stayed with the group for six months before announcing her graduation, citing a difference in direction as the reason.

Matsumoto decided to pursue her passion for voice acting after leaving i-deal PROJECT. She enrolled in a voice acting school and auditioned for various roles. She was cast as Shiori Goshiki, the main heroine of A Galaxy Next Door, an anime adaptation of a popular sci-fi light novel series. The anime premiered in April 2023 and received positive reviews from critics and fans. Matsumoto’s performance as Shiori, a cheerful and curious girl who befriends an alien boy living next door, was praised for its expressiveness and charm.

Matsumoto has also voiced other characters in anime and video games, such as Momoka in Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song, a sci-fi thriller about an AI singer who travels back in time to prevent a war between humans and machines; and Rina in Wild Hearts, a fantasy hunting game set in feudal Japan.

Matsumoto has stated that her hobbies are serious and goofing around, and that her special skill is being the raid party commander of Aiporo, a popular online game. She is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LINE LIVE, where she interacts with her fans and shares her daily life.

Matsumoto has expressed her gratitude to her fans and supporters for following her journey from idol to voice actress. She has also revealed her dream of voicing a character in a Studio Chizu film, the animation studio founded by acclaimed director Mamoru Oshii. She said that she admires Oshii’s works and that she would love to learn from him.

Matsumoto is currently working on her next voice acting project, which has not been announced yet. She said that she hopes to challenge herself with different roles and genres, and that she wants to grow as an actress and a person. She also said that she will never forget her idol days and that she cherishes the memories and friendships she made with her former group members.

Momoka Matsumoto is a rising star in the anime industry, with a bright future ahead of her. She has shown her versatility and talent as a voice actress, and has won the hearts of many fans with her personality and charisma. She is one of the most promising new voices in the anime scene, and one to watch out for in the coming years.

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