Mutazione: A Mutant Soap Opera

Mutazione is a 2019 adventure game where the juicy personal drama is just as important as the high-stakes adventure part of the story. The game is set on an island where the player tends to the local gardens and learns more about the town’s people. The game was created by developer Die Gute Fabrik, and published by Akupara Games. It launched for Windows, MacOS, PlayStation 4, and on iOS through Apple Arcade on September 19, 2019, with the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions later released on May 26, 2021.

The player plays as Kai, who goes to the island one summer in order to see her dying grandfather who lives there. The game takes place over different days, each with unique events. While in conversation, the player can choose different responses that will affect the discussion . While gardening the player can grow different types of plants, from bushes to trees. Seeds can be found all over the island from other plants. The player needs to give the plant the required space in order for it to grow and different ones require other types of soil. Each plant also creates different sounds, which when combined with other greenery can create music .

The game’s structure was inspired by soap operas, in that it focuses on ensemble storytelling. The developers cited the idea of a community and an in-depth world as things that inspired them. They said they wanted to make a game that rewarded meandering and respected the player’s time. Mutazione received mostly positive reviews from critics, ending up with a Metacritic score of 76 .

As Kai explores the island, she meets various characters who have their own stories and secrets. Some of them are friendly and helpful, while others are suspicious and hostile. Kai can interact with them and learn more about their lives and the history of Mutazione. She can also help them with their personal problems or join them in various activities, such as fishing, cooking, or playing music. The game has multiple endings depending on Kai’s choices and relationships with the characters.

One of the main mysteries of the game is the origin and nature of the meteor that struck the island a century ago. The meteor caused mutations in the plants and animals, as well as some of the humans who survived the impact. The meteor also brought a strange darkness that lurks in the depths of the island, threatening to consume everything. Kai’s grandfather, Nonno, has a plan to stop the darkness, but he needs Kai’s help to do it. Kai will have to face her fears and discover the truth about her family and the island.

Mutazione is a game that celebrates life in all its forms and colors. It is a game about finding beauty in the mundane and joy in the simple things. It is a game about healing and growing, both literally and figuratively. It is a game about community and connection, both with others and with oneself. It is a game that invites the player to slow down and enjoy the journey.

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