Niska’s Commando: A Rap Album That Conquered France

Niska's Commando: A Rap Album That Conquered France

Niska is a French rapper who rose to fame with his hit single “Réseaux” in 2017. His second studio album, Commando, released on September 22, 2017, was a commercial and critical success, earning him a diamond certification with more than 500,000 sales in France.

Commando is a rap album that showcases Niska’s versatility, charisma and energy. The album features guest appearances from Booba, MHD, Quavo and Stefflon Don, as well as production from DJ Ken, Double X, Pyroman and Dany Synthé. The album contains 18 tracks, including the singles “Réseaux”, “Salé”, “Tuba Life”, “Chasse à l’homme” and “W.L.G”.

The album’s title refers to Niska’s nickname for his neighborhood in Evry, a suburb of Paris. Niska often uses the word “commando” as a catchphrase in his songs, as well as “charo”, which means vulture in Spanish and is a slang term for hustler. Niska’s lyrics are influenced by his life experiences, his African roots and his love for football.

Commando is an album that reflects Niska’s personality and style: raw, authentic and catchy. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised Niska’s flow, delivery and originality. Commando is one of the most successful rap albums of 2017 in France and established Niska as one of the leading figures of the French rap scene.

One of the highlights of Commando is the music video for the title track, which was released on December 2, 2016. The video, directed by Bastos Prod, features Niska and his crew in various locations, such as a jungle, a desert, a warehouse and a rooftop. The video showcases Niska’s charisma and attitude, as well as his signature dance moves. The video has over 60 million views on YouTube as of May 2023.

Another standout track from Commando is “Réseaux”, which was released as the lead single on July 28, 2017. The song, produced by Pyroman, is a catchy and energetic rap anthem that celebrates Niska’s popularity and influence on social media. The song also spawned a viral dance challenge, where fans imitated Niska’s gestures and posted videos online. The song reached number one on the French charts and stayed there for 11 consecutive weeks, breaking the record for the longest-running number one rap song in France.

Commando also features collaborations with some of the biggest names in the rap industry, both in France and abroad. Niska teamed up with Booba, the legendary French rapper and label boss, for “Tuba Life”, a trap banger that showcases their chemistry and mutual respect. Niska also joined forces with MHD, the Afro-trap sensation, for “Versus”, a festive and upbeat track that blends their styles and cultures. Niska also ventured into the international scene with “Réseaux (Remix)”, which features Quavo from the American hip-hop group Migos and Stefflon Don from the British rap scene.

Commando is not only a rap album, but also a reflection of Niska’s identity and culture. Niska, whose real name is Stan Dinga Pinto, was born on April 6, 1994 in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, a commune in the southeastern suburbs of Paris. He is of Congolese origin and grew up in Evry, where he started rapping at a young age. He was influenced by artists such as Tupac, 50 Cent, Booba and Mokobé. He adopted the stage name Niska, which means “bad boy” in Lingala, a language spoken in Congo.

Niska’s music is a blend of rap, trap, Afrobeat and dancehall, reflecting his diverse musical tastes and influences. He often incorporates elements of his African heritage and slang into his lyrics and melodies, creating a unique and original sound. He also pays tribute to his hometown and neighborhood, which he calls “Charlie Delta” or “Commando”, in many of his songs. He is proud of his roots and his community, which he considers as his family and his source of inspiration.

Commando is an album that marked a turning point in Niska’s career and in the French rap scene. Niska proved that he is not only a rapper, but also an artist with a vision and a message. He showed that he can create catchy and popular songs without compromising his authenticity and creativity. He also opened the doors for other rap artists from different backgrounds and styles to express themselves and reach a wider audience. Commando is an album that celebrates diversity, unity and freedom.

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