Pokemon S17 E05: A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!

In this episode of Pokemon XY, Ash challenges the Santalune Gym Leader Viola, who specializes in Bug-type Pokemon. He hopes to win his first Kalos region Gym badge with his newly caught Fletchling and his trusty Pikachu. However, he soon realizes that Viola’s Pokemon are not only fast and agile, but also have a secret weapon: sticky webs that can trap and immobilize their opponents. Will Ash be able to overcome this challenge and earn his badge?

This episode is the fifth one in the 17th season of Pokemon, which follows Ash and his friends as they explore the Kalos region, meet new Pokemon, and face new mysteries. You can watch this episode online on Google Drive by clicking here.

The episode begins with Ash and his friends arriving at the Santalune Gym, where they are greeted by Viola’s sister Alexa, who is also a journalist. Alexa shows them around the Gym, which is designed like a giant camera lens, and introduces them to Viola, who is busy taking photos of her Pokemon. Ash challenges Viola to a Gym battle, which she accepts. The battle is set to be a two-on-two match, with Ash using Fletchling and Pikachu, and Viola using Surskit and Vivillon.

The battle starts with Fletchling against Surskit. Fletchling has the advantage of speed and power, but Surskit uses its Water Sport to create a slippery surface on the battlefield, making it hard for Fletchling to land its attacks. Surskit then uses Ice Beam to freeze Fletchling’s wings, causing it to fall and faint. Ash sends out Pikachu to continue the battle, but Surskit proves to be a tough opponent as well. It uses Signal Beam to confuse Pikachu, and then traps it in a sticky web. Viola switches Surskit with Vivillon, who uses Gust to blow Pikachu away.

Ash tries to free Pikachu from the web, but Vivillon uses Solar Beam to blast him away. Ash manages to catch Pikachu and returns to the battlefield, determined to win. He orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on the web, which conducts electricity and shocks Vivillon. Pikachu then uses Iron Tail to break free from the web and hit Vivillon hard. Vivillon recovers and uses Sleep Powder to put Pikachu to sleep, but Ash uses his badge case to fan away the powder. He then tells Pikachu to use Electro Ball on Vivillon, which knocks it out.

Viola sends out Surskit again, who uses Bubble Beam on Pikachu. Pikachu dodges the attack and uses Quick Attack, but Surskit counters with Ice Beam. The two attacks collide and create an explosion, which sends both Pokemon flying. They both land on their feet and stare at each other, ready for the final showdown.

The episode ends with Ash and Pikachu celebrating their victory and earning the Bug Badge from Viola. Ash thanks his friends for their support and hugs Pikachu, who smiles happily. Viola congratulates Ash and tells him that he has a lot of potential as a trainer. She also tells him that the next Gym is in Cyllage City, where he will face Grant, a Rock-type specialist. Ash is excited and eager to continue his journey, while Serena wonders if she should tell Ash about their past encounter. The episode closes with a shot of Ash and his friends waving goodbye to Viola and Alexa, and heading towards their next destination.

This episode showcases Ash’s determination and bond with his Pokemon, as well as his growth as a trainer. He learns to adapt to different situations and use creative strategies to overcome his opponent’s advantages. He also shows respect and admiration for Viola, who is a skilled photographer and Gym Leader. The episode also introduces Serena’s crush on Ash, which will be a recurring theme throughout the series. The episode is full of action, humor, and emotion, and is a great example of why Pokemon is such a popular and beloved franchise.

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