Puleng March – Ulwandle: A Song of Hope and Faith

Puleng March - Ulwandle: A Song of Hope and Faith

Puleng March is a South African singer-songwriter, musician and multi-award winning artist who is known for her gospel and worship music. She released her latest album, Heaven’s Scroll (Live), in December 2021, which features 14 songs recorded live at the Kemotho Entertainment Studios in Johannesburg.

One of the songs on the album is Ulwandle, which means “sea” in Zulu. The song is a prayer to God to lead her through the storms of life and to hide her in His wounds. The song is inspired by Psalm 107:23-31, which describes how God calms the raging sea and rescues those who cry out to Him.

The lyrics of Ulwandle are a mix of Zulu, Sotho and Xhosa languages, reflecting the diversity and richness of South African culture. The song also incorporates elements of traditional hymns, such as Difela Medley and Nxeba Lika Yesu, which are well-known and loved by many South Africans.

The song is a powerful expression of hope and faith in God’s presence and protection, especially in times of trouble and uncertainty. Puleng March sings with passion and conviction, inviting the listeners to join her in praising God for His goodness and mercy.

You can listen to Ulwandle and other songs by Puleng March on YouTube, Deezer or Spotify.

Puleng March is not only a talented singer, but also a devoted Christian who has a heart for serving God and His people. She started singing at the age of six in her church choir, and later joined the gospel group Joyous Celebration. She also participated in the reality show I Want to Sing Gospel, where she was mentored by renowned gospel artist Solly Mahlangu.

In 2014, she released her debut solo album, Marching On, which earned her several nominations and awards, including the Crown Gospel Award for Best Female Artist. She followed up with her second album, Ke Maketse Fela, in 2017, which also received positive reviews and accolades. She has collaborated with other gospel artists, such as Benjamin Dube, Thobeka Mahlangu and Ntokozo Mbambo.

Puleng March is not only a singer, but also a preacher, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Puleng March Foundation, which aims to empower women and children through education, skills development and mentorship. She is also the owner of Kemotho Entertainment, which is a music production and events management company.

Puleng March is a woman of many talents and gifts, but above all, she is a woman of God who uses her voice to glorify Him and to bless others. She is an inspiration and a role model for many young people who aspire to pursue their dreams and to live a purposeful life.

One of the themes that Puleng March explores in her music is the importance of trusting God and surrendering to His will. She believes that God has a plan and a purpose for everyone, and that He will never leave nor forsake His children. She shares her personal testimony of how God has been faithful and gracious to her throughout her life, even in the midst of challenges and trials.

In an interview with The Citizen, she said: “I have learnt to trust God in everything I do. He has been my source of strength and hope. He has opened doors for me that no man can shut. He has given me favour and grace. He has blessed me beyond measure. I am grateful for His love and mercy.”

She also encourages others to seek God and to follow His guidance. She said: “God has a plan for your life. He knows your name and your destiny. He has a gift and a calling for you. He wants to use you for His glory. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from fulfilling your purpose. Trust Him and obey Him. He will make a way for you.”

Puleng March is a living testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness. She is a shining light in the world of gospel music and beyond. She is a woman who walks by faith and not by sight. She is a woman who marches on with God.

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