How to Use RaweTrip, a CS:GO Software with Custom Scripts

How to Use RaweTrip, a CS:GO Software with Custom Scripts

RaweTrip is a software that allows you to customize your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) gameplay with various scripts and features. You can download the software from RaweTrip – CS:GO Software | ВКонтакте, where you can also find updates, news, and support.

To use RaweTrip, you need to have a valid license key and a configuration file (cfg) that contains your settings and preferences. The configuration file name extension must be .cfg or .zip, and it must be saved to the root directory of the storage device. A patch file uses .pat as the file name extension and it must also be saved to the root directory of the storage device if you want to load new patches.

One of the most popular configuration files for RaweTrip is rawe, which you can download from Best Rawe Trip ( RAGE ) CFG = description – YouTube. This file contains settings for rage mode, which is a style of playing that involves using cheats and hacks to dominate your opponents. Some of the features included in rawe are:

  • Improved resolver: This feature helps you hit enemies who are using anti-aim techniques to avoid your shots.
  • Improved doubletap: This feature allows you to shoot two bullets in one tick, increasing your damage output and bypassing some anti-cheat systems.
  • Improved records: This feature records your gameplay and saves it as a demo file that you can watch later or share with others.
  • Fixed glow with attachments chams: This feature makes your enemies glow with different colors depending on their weapon attachments, making them easier to spot.
  • Changed server/client bullet impacts: This feature shows you where your bullets hit on the server and on the client, helping you adjust your aim and accuracy.

To load rawe for next startup, you need to run the following command in the console:

startup system-software rawe

This will specify the configuration file to be loaded for next startup. You can also check the system software validity by running this command:

check file-integrity rawe signature-filename

This will check the digital signature of the configuration file and make sure it is not corrupted or modified. If the digital signature is invalid, the configuration will fail.

Once you have loaded rawe, you can enjoy playing CS:GO with rage mode enabled. You can also customize your scripts and settings by using the RaweTrip API documentation, which you can find at RaweTrip API Documentation. You can also join the RaweTrip Discord server at Join the \uD835\uDE23\uD835\uDE26\uD835\uDE33\uD835\uDE2D\uD835\uDE30\uD835\uDE28\uD835\uDE22 \uD835\uDE24\uD835\uDE2A\uD835\uDE35\uD835\uDE2A\uD835\uDE3B\uD835\uDE3B\uD835\uDE26\uD835\uDE2F’\uD835\uDE22 Discord Server! to chat with other users, get support, and share your scripts.

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