Sucker for Love: First Date – A Cute and Creepy Visual Novel

If you are looking for a romantic and spooky game to play on your next date night, you might want to check out Sucker for Love: First Date. This is a visual novel game where you play as a human who has a crush on a mysterious girl named Lila. However, things get complicated when you discover that she is actually a Lovecraftian horror who wants to make you her mate.

The game is a sequel to Sucker for Love, which was released in 2020 as part of the Ludum Dare 46 game jam. The original game had a simple premise: you have to recite an ancient ritual to summon your eldritch sweetheart and impress her with your knowledge of her culture. The sequel expands on the story and adds more choices, endings, and characters.

Sucker for Love: First Date has a charming pixel art style and a catchy soundtrack. The game also features voice acting for the main characters, which adds to the immersion and humor. The game is not very long, but it has multiple endings depending on your actions and dialogue choices. Some of them are sweet, some of them are scary, and some of them are downright hilarious.

If you are interested in playing Sucker for Love: First Date, you can download it for free from The game is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also support the developer by donating or buying the soundtrack and art book. Whether you are a fan of horror, romance, or comedy, you will surely enjoy this quirky and cute visual novel.

One of the highlights of Sucker for Love: First Date is the interaction between the protagonist and Lila. The game does a great job of balancing the horror and comedy aspects of their relationship. Lila is a terrifying creature who can devour you in an instant, but she is also a lovable and awkward girl who just wants to be loved. The protagonist is a brave and curious human who is willing to risk his life for his crush, but he is also a clueless and clumsy guy who often makes mistakes.

The game also introduces some new characters who add more flavor to the story. For example, there is Nyarla, Lila’s sister who is also a Lovecraftian horror. She is more aggressive and hostile than Lila, and she does not approve of your relationship. There is also Cthulhu, the ruler of the eldritch realm who is also Lila’s father. He is a powerful and menacing being who has a soft spot for his daughters. There are also some human characters who have their own roles and personalities.

Sucker for Love: First Date is a game that will make you laugh, scream, and swoon. It is a unique and original take on the horror and romance genres. It is also a game that will make you think about the meaning of love and the sacrifices you are willing to make for it. If you are looking for a fun and memorable game to play with your partner or by yourself, you should give Sucker for Love: First Date a try.

Another feature of Sucker for Love: First Date is the ability to customize your character and your date. You can choose your name, gender, and appearance, as well as Lila’s appearance. You can also choose different outfits and accessories for both of you. The game has a variety of options to suit your preferences and style. You can also unlock more options by playing the game multiple times and exploring different paths.

Sucker for Love: First Date is a game that will appeal to fans of horror, romance, and comedy. It is a game that will make you feel a range of emotions, from fear to joy. It is a game that will challenge you to make difficult choices and face the consequences. It is a game that will surprise you with its twists and turns. It is a game that will make you fall in love with a monster.

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