The Magic Presence: A Book Review

The Magic Presence: A Book Review

The Magic Presence is the second book in the series of spiritual teachings by Godfre Ray King, the pen name of Guy Ballard. The book was first published in 1935 and it continues the story of Ballard’s encounters with the Ascended Masters, a group of enlightened beings who guide humanity on their spiritual path.

The book begins with Ballard’s meeting with Saint Germain, the master of the violet flame, who introduces him to other masters such as Jesus, Mary, Kuthumi, El Morya and Serapis Bey. Ballard also visits various retreats of the masters in the etheric realm, such as the Royal Teton Retreat in Wyoming and the Cave of Symbols in Arizona. He learns about the laws of life, the power of the I AM Presence, the use of decrees and affirmations, and the importance of purity and harmony.

The book also contains many personal stories and anecdotes from Ballard’s life, such as his experiences in World War I, his marriage to Edna Ballard, his travels around the world, and his encounters with various people and situations. He shares how he applied the teachings of the masters in his daily life and how he overcame many challenges and difficulties.

The Magic Presence is a fascinating and inspiring book for anyone who is interested in spirituality, metaphysics, or esotericism. It offers a glimpse into a hidden world of beauty, wisdom, and love that is accessible to anyone who seeks it. The book is also a testimony of Ballard’s devotion and gratitude to the masters who guided him on his journey.

The book also reveals some of the secrets and mysteries of the ancient civilizations, such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, and India. Ballard explains how these civilizations were influenced by the masters and how they achieved great heights of culture and spirituality. He also warns about the dangers of misusing the divine energies and falling into corruption and decadence.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the book is the concept of the magic presence, which is the projection of one’s own I AM Presence in a visible form. Ballard describes how he was able to manifest his magic presence and use it for various purposes, such as healing, protection, communication, and transportation. He also tells how he met his twin flame, Lotus, who is the feminine counterpart of his soul.

The Magic Presence is a book that can enrich and transform one’s life. It invites the reader to discover their own divine potential and to connect with the masters who are always ready to help and guide them. It is a book that can open one’s eyes to a new reality and a new way of living.

The book also contains many practical exercises and meditations that can help the reader to attune to the masters and to their own I AM Presence. Ballard teaches how to use the violet flame, the sacred fire, the tube of light, and the solar disc to cleanse, protect, and energize oneself. He also gives instructions on how to create and use a magic mirror, a magic carpet, and a magic wand.

The book is not only a source of information, but also a source of inspiration and motivation. Ballard encourages the reader to follow their own inner guidance and to pursue their own spiritual goals. He also reminds the reader of their responsibility to serve the world and to spread the light of the masters. He says that everyone has a divine plan and a divine mission to fulfill.

The Magic Presence is a book that can change one’s perspective and one’s life. It is a book that can awaken one’s soul and one’s heart. It is a book that can make one feel the magic presence of their own I AM Presence and of the Ascended Masters.

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