TOMAS OCAMPO is a singer and composer of Christian music from Honduras. He released his second album, Valle de Lagrimas, in 2012. The title track, Valle de Lagrimas, is based on Psalm 84:6 and talks about going through the valley of tears and finding God’s faithfulness. The song has a video clip that was uploaded to YouTube in 2016 and has more than 36 million views. The song is also available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and other digital platforms.

In this article, we will review the lyrics, the message and the impact of this song by TOMAS OCAMPO.


The lyrics of Valle de Lagrimas are in Spanish and can be translated as follows:

Atravesando el Valle de las Lagrimas
Atravesando el Valle del Dolor
te he Visto Llorar , Te he Visto Sufrir
Muchas Veces
Ayer te Vi , Te Vi Llorar
Pidiéndole a Dios Tu Milagro
y tu Llorando en Tu Soledad ,Llorando en tu Soledad
en tu Vivir.

No Hay Gloria Si No Hay Desierto ,
No Hay Victoria Sin Antes Llorar
Aunque a Sido Duro El Camino ,
Que Haz Tenido que Llorar
Pero Dios es Fiel , Pero Dios es Fiel
Nunca te Abandonara.

The translation is:

Going through the Valley of Tears
Going through the Valley of Pain
I have seen you cry, I have seen you suffer
Many times
Yesterday I saw you, I saw you cry
Asking God for your miracle
And you crying in your loneliness, crying in your loneliness
In your life.

There is no glory without desert,
There is no victory without crying first
Although the road has been hard,
That you have had to cry
But God is faithful, but God is faithful
He will never leave you.



The message of Valle de Lagrimas is one of hope and encouragement for those who are going through difficult times and trials. The song reminds the listener that God is always with them, even in the darkest moments, and that He has a purpose and a plan for their lives. The song also affirms that suffering is not in vain, but it leads to glory and victory in Christ. The song invites the listener to trust in God’s faithfulness and power, and to keep praying and believing for their miracle.



Valle de Lagrimas has had a positive impact on many people who have listened to it and watched the video. The comments section on YouTube shows that many people have been touched, inspired, comforted and healed by this song. Some examples are:

  • “This song came to me at the right time when I was going through a very difficult situation. It gave me strength and hope to keep going. Thank you Tomas Ocampo for this beautiful song. God bless you.”
  • “This song has been a blessing for my life. It has helped me to overcome depression and anxiety. It has made me realize that God is always with me and that He will never leave me alone. I thank God for this song.”
  • “This song is a testimony of what God can do in our lives. I was diagnosed with cancer and I was very afraid. But I listened to this song every day and I prayed with faith. And God did a miracle in my life. He healed me completely. Glory to God.”

Valle de Lagrimas is a powerful song that expresses the heart of TOMAS OCAMPO and his passion for God. It is a song that resonates with many people who are facing challenges and

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