Turbowin Sodena 11: A Powerful Navigation and Fishing Tool

Turbowin Sodena 11: A Powerful Navigation and Fishing Tool

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile chartplotter for your fishing vessel, you might want to consider Turbowin Sodena 11. This software has been specially developed for fishermen who demand always more from their plotter. It combines powerful navigation tools with fishing management to make fishing easier, safer and more productive.

Turbowin Sodena 11 allows you to overlay fishing data (Tracks, Marks, Areas, etc.) over the digital high quality hydrographic charts in the S57 format from official hydrographic services or from private ones like Chartworld or C-MAP. You can also read data directly from most existing plotters on the market, so you do not lose any of your historical information.

Some of the standard features of Turbowin Sodena 11 include:

  • 2D contour drawing with Personal Bathymetry Database from echosounder.
  • Powerful fishing data management thanks to files.
  • Tide height graphs and prediction.
  • Autopilot interface for vessel steering.
  • DECCA, TORAN, LORAN hyperboles and UTM grids display.
  • Weather forecast display (GRIB files).
  • Route planning and its checking (only with S.57 official charts).
  • Direct read of Maxsea, Quodfish, Transas data.
  • Conversions from Trax, Fishmaster, CVP, Koden, Shipmate, Furuno, MLR.
  • Almost unlimited fishing data display (Marks, Traces, Areas)
  • Reading of official Primar S57 charts from official hydrographic services with anti-grounding and anti-collision warning.
  • Reading of private C-Map charts and Chartworld Direct ENC

Besides these standard features, Turbowin Sodena 11 also offers some optional features that can enhance your fishing experience. These include:

  • Tidal stream prediction and display – saves on fuel.
  • 3D imaging with free Depth Database.
  • New AIS & ARPA module, collision avoidance and tactical awareness.
  • Trawl door tracking and dynamic monitoring (Ixtrawl, Notus, ITI).
  • Pair Trawling module.
  • Roxann / Seascan / JRC ground discrimination.
  • Sedimentology and bathymetric Database.
  • Wrecks Database.
  • RADAR function with JRC or Koden antennas control.

Turbowin Sodena 11 is also the first certified Mini-ECDIS. Defined by joint efforts of UKHO (The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office), MCA (Maritime & Coastguard Agency) and Sea Fish Industry Authority, it becomes a navigation software standard applied to fishing.

If you want to learn more about Turbowin Sodena 11 or order it online, please visit our website or contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with a free demo of the software. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your fishing vessel with Turbowin Sodena 11!

Turbowin Sodena 11 is not only a powerful navigation and fishing tool, but also a user-friendly and intuitive software. It has a simple and clear interface that allows you to access the most commonly used functions from the toolbar. The trackball provides exact visual on-screen control and the addition of the optional backlit keyboard makes operation of Turbowin Sodena 11 even easier.

Turbowin Sodena 11 is compatible with Windows 10 and can be installed on any PC or laptop with a minimum of 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk. It can also be connected to various external devices such as GPS, echosounder, radar, AIS, trawl door sensors, etc. via serial ports or Ethernet. Turbowin Sodena 11 supports multiple languages and units of measurement.

Turbowin Sodena 11 is a software that has been designed with the needs and preferences of fishermen in mind. It has been tested and approved by many fishing professionals around the world who have experienced its benefits and advantages. Turbowin Sodena 11 is a software that can help you improve your fishing efficiency, safety and profitability.

Don’t wait any longer and order Turbowin Sodena 11 today! You will not regret it!

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