Vurulmusum: A Song of Love and Pain

Vurulmusum: A Song of Love and Pain

Vurulmusum is a Turkish word that means “I got shot” or “I have been wounded”. It is also the title of a popular song by Mustafa Ceceli, featuring Çinarə Məlikzadə. The song was released in 2017 as part of Ceceli’s album Simsiyah, which means “Pitch Black”.

The song is about a person who is deeply in love with someone who left him. He feels like he has been shot in the heart and he cannot forget his lover. He says he would die to make her live and he is jealous of everything that reminds him of her. The lyrics are based on a poem by Ahmed Arif, a famous Turkish poet who wrote about love, longing and social issues.

The song has a catchy melody and a powerful chorus that expresses the pain and passion of the singer. It also features the beautiful voice of Çinarə Məlikzadə, an Azerbaijani singer who sings in Turkish. The song was well received by the fans and critics, and it won several awards, including the Golden Orpheus song contest in Bulgaria.

Vurulmusum is a song that touches the hearts of many people who have experienced love and loss. It is a song that shows the beauty and the tragedy of human emotions. It is a song that you should listen to if you want to feel something deep and real.

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Who is Mustafa Ceceli?

Mustafa Ceceli is a Turkish singer, songwriter, arranger and producer who was born on November 2, 1980 in Ankara. He started his musical career with an amateur high school band and later studied management at Yeditepe University. He became famous after meeting Ozan Doğulu and working with Sezen Aksu as an arranger and producer.

He released his first solo album, Mustafa Ceceli, in 2009 and followed it with four more albums: Es (2012), Kalpten (2014), Aşk İçin Gelmişiz (2015) and Zincirimi Kırdı Aşk (2017). He also released several remix albums and EPs. He collaborated with many artists, such as Lara Fabian, İrem Derici, Sinan Akçıl and Çinarə Məlikzadə. He won several awards, including the Türkiye Müzik Ödülleri for Best Album and Best Male Artist twice.

He is also known for his social and humanitarian activities. He supports various causes, such as education, health, environment and animal rights. He is married to Selin İmer since 2017 and has a son named Arın from his previous marriage to Sinem Gedik.

Why You Should Listen to Vurulmusum?

Who is Mustafa Ceceli?

Vurulmusum is a song that will make you feel the intensity of love and the agony of separation. It is a song that will touch your soul with its poetic lyrics and expressive melody. It is a song that will show you the talent and the passion of Mustafa Ceceli and Çinarə Məlikzadə.

If you are looking for a song that will move you, inspire you and make you appreciate the value of love, then you should listen to Vurulmusum. It is a song that will stay with you for a long time and make you want to listen to it again and again.

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