Where Can I Buy CO2?

Where Can I Buy CO2?

CO2, or carbon dioxide, is a gas that has many different uses. CO2 can be used in home brewing, kegerators, paintball, SodaStream machines, bike tires, hydroponics, and freshwater aquariums with live plants. To maintain any of these things, you will need a regular supply of CO2.

CO2 is available in small cartridges and large tanks. Some places will offer pre-sized cartridges for things like paintball and SodaStream machines, while other places will sell canisters in different sizes. Online, only smaller cartridges come pre-filled. You can purchase large empty tanks online and then fill them at a nearby store that provides this service.

Some well-known chains that sell and refill CO2 tanks near you are:

  • Ace Hardware: There are more than 4,200 Ace Hardware stores in the United States, so you likely have a store near you. They sell 12-gram prefilled cylinders for paintball in-store and online. However, they do not offer in-store refills for larger tanks.
  • Airgas: Airgas has a network of more than 900 retail branches. They sell unfilled tanks in various sizes from five pounds to 60 pounds or more. You can fill them when you purchase them at the store. They also offer exchange services for empty tanks.
  • Walmart: Walmart sells CO2 cartridges and tanks at reasonable prices both in-store and online. They also offer refills for SodaStream machines at select locations. You can check their website to find a store near you that provides this service.

Other places to get CO2 tanks near you include local brewing supply stores, dry ice suppliers, and sporting goods stores. You can also buy CO2 tanks online at stores like Amazon and Gas Cylinder Source. However, you will still need to find a place to refill them when they run out.

Before you buy or refill a CO2 tank, make sure you know the size and type of tank you need for your specific use. Also, compare prices and availability among different stores to find the best deal. CO2 tanks can last for a long time if stored properly, so it’s worth investing in a quality product that suits your needs.

How to Use CO2 Safely

CO2 is a useful gas, but it can also be dangerous if not handled properly. CO2 can cause asphyxiation, frostbite, and explosions if mishandled. Therefore, it is important to follow some safety precautions when using CO2 tanks and cartridges.

Some of the safety tips for using CO2 are:

  • Wear protective gear: When handling CO2 tanks or cartridges, you should wear gloves, goggles, and long sleeves to protect yourself from the cold and the pressure of the gas. You should also avoid touching any metal parts of the tank or cartridge with bare skin, as they can cause severe burns.
  • Store in a cool and dry place: CO2 tanks and cartridges should be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and flammable materials. You should also keep them away from children and pets. You should never store CO2 tanks or cartridges in your car, as they can explode due to temperature changes.
  • Check for leaks: Before using a CO2 tank or cartridge, you should check for any leaks or damage. You can do this by spraying some soapy water on the valve and connections and looking for bubbles. If you see any bubbles, do not use the tank or cartridge and dispose of it safely. You should also check the expiration date of the tank or cartridge and replace it if it is past due.
  • Use the right equipment: You should always use the right equipment for your specific use of CO2. For example, you should use a regulator to control the pressure and flow of the gas from the tank to your device. You should also use compatible fittings and hoses to connect the tank to your device. You should never modify or tamper with the tank or cartridge or use them for purposes other than intended.
  • Follow instructions: You should always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the CO2 tank or cartridge and your device. You should read the labels and warnings carefully and follow the steps for installation, operation, and maintenance. You should also consult a professional if you have any questions or doubts.

By following these safety tips, you can use CO2 tanks and cartridges safely and effectively for your various needs.

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